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No matter where, no matter for how long, no matter when. But please do travel.

This site is about travel. Travel to different places, but mainly Spain.

The site belonged to someone else in the past. Someone who travelled a lot and for a good purpose

But sites also, they travel it seems.

You may decide to travel with just a pair of panties and boxers, or with much more. But please, do travel. Get your views confronted. Get your opinions challenged. Far away or in a bar next door, open your eyes and travel

Wine Country

Spain is the country in the world with more vineyard landscape planted, and so, our first website recommendation is one that combines wine and tours in Spain:

You will find there lots of information to enjoy Spain in a different way. Food, wine, culture, and people. Local Food, local wine, local people. This site proposes a number of wine tours Spain in different regions and for very different budgets.

Paradores - Local historial hotels


is a another great travel resource if you want to travel to Spain. This is

again a very different experience to main street shopping here and there. Paradores

are local hotels. Unique hotels. They are unique by nature. Most of these

hotels are built in what used to be historical buildings: an old convent, an

old castle, a monastery, a hospital, a palace. Spain´s past is unfolded at

these unique hotels. Local gastronomy is a fundamental part of these hotels.

They are local by nature, and so are the menus they propose. Local providers

and local dishes, to ensure the landscape, the monument (or hotel) and the food

help you travel. This is Spain´s main travel information repository. A site in charge of promoting Spain as a destination. You will be able to find lots of interesting information, specially on Fiestas, traditions and dates to bear in mind when traveling to Spain.

Local Travel Agencies. We recommend the use of local Travel agencies when purchasing travel in different countries. Local travel agencies provide with the knowledge needed to get to know a country in the real way. In many occassions large multinational travel companies provide the most standardtravel products and poor experiences that do not permit travellers to enjoy the local culture at its most. Associations such as ASTA in the US or ABTA in the Uk provide with the legal and regulatory framework that guarantees standards of quality throughout the sector.

We include here our favorite travel magazines: CNT Traveller and National Geographic,

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