Safest nd more dangerous conutries to surf the internet

Here are some advices for the next time you travel. Have a look at this review with the most dangerous countries to surf the internet.

Back up your laptop

Remove any sensitive data you may have in your laptop (like passwords to sites you do not want any one to know about!)

Install anti-virus software. This can be even a free test version to serve the purpose, but paid versions are normally better options

Don´t keep password data on your laptop. If you have difficulties in remembering them, give them to a friend or family member at home to whom you can trust. W

One interesting option is to save part of them in a document, part in another document, so it would be very unlikely for anyone to put them together.

Do no purchase from any website without a https. This means they have a SSL certificate which sends the information encoded.

Do not download files unless totally necessary

If you are not using your own computer, but a public one (like at a bar, hotel, etc.) make sure you do not insert any personal data nor passwords! Even worse, do not store any of those in case, for any reason, you have inserted usernames or passwords (remember that you should not, but if you do, then do not save any of those in the public computer!)

I would even recommend to delete history after you have used a public pc.