Road trips in Spain. Itineraries and ideas

Whether you want to traverse the green north of Spain and its mountains or the plains of Castilla towards Andalusia and its white villages, a roadtrip in Spain is always a great idea for a trip. We propose you some routes across Spain which are worth the trip.

When you plan for road trip in Spain you should bear in mind that tere are 2 type of highways. Those with an AP sign must be paid for, and prices vary depending on the distance and even the hour of the day. There are also “autovías”, which are not to be paid. Their quality is normally very good.

The main difference between both type of motorways (aside the fact payment is required in the “Autopistas” Aps is related to the fact that Aps are closed with fences, so it would be impossible for animals to get it. There are fewer exists and they are normally (though not always) better maintained.

Having said the above, we can summarize indicating that Spanish highways and motorways are really good and most big cities are connected by them.

As the world is not perfect, the reality is that our favorite places are those in which only secondary roads let you get there. But even secondary roads in Spain are good in general.

Another important element to bear in mind during a road trip in Spain is the distance from one petrol station to the next. Our advise would be to always keep the tank at a higher level than mid-volume. But in any case you will find plenty of petrol Stations in all sorts of Spanish roads. Prices vary, with the cheapest options to be found in the outskirts of Main Cities in commercial areas.

Some of our favorite ideas for the best Road trips in Spain

Northern Coast road trip in Spain

You may decide to start this road trip either in Barcelona or in Santiago de Compostela. We will start describing some highlights from Barcelona, starting with the city itself. Barcelona is an amazing and cosmopolitan City. A landmark for centuries due to its harbor, Barcelona is one of Europe´s main touristic destinations thanks to its many attractions: the Mediterranean sea, its gastronomy and its architecture. Gaudi is a symbol for Barcelona. Barcelona is well-know was to a large extent changed and improved thanks to the 1992 Olympic Games. Its football club, FC Barcelona is oen of the World´s best teams and a tourist attraction in Spain by itself.

Wine is also important in Barcelona. Cava is the wine locally produced, a sparkling wine similar to Champagne and which is mainly produced in Spain´ 50 miles south of Barcelona.

The way to the East can be done using the AP2 Motorway that connects Barcelona with Madrid or using the less frequented roads of the Pyrenees. You can also decide to enjoy a small detour to Andorra, a beautiful kingdom in the border with France, surrounded by mountains.

If you opt for the “simplest” option of AP2 you will get to enjoy Zaragoza, one of Spain´s main Cities and famous for being home to one of Spain´s main Churches, El Pilar de Zaragoza.


On this Spain´s road trip the trip continues east towards the region (Kingdom) of Navarre. Pamplona is its capital City and famous for the running of the Bulls, which start here every 7th of July.

After Navarre the Basque Country awaits you. The Spanish Basque Country is green. This is a simple way to describe it. The climate is not Mediterranean nor Continental but Atlantic due to the Cantabrian Sea on the North. Far from the stereotypes of Spain, the Spanish Basque Country is a bit like Switzerland (the same description may well apply to Cantabria and Asturias further East). The region Cpital is Vitoria, a City which has a very high living standard, but which is not included in almost none touristic route in Spain. Vitoria is a place to live, it offers an interesting visit, but its charm cannot be compared to that of Bilbao or San Sebastian, which are both the 2 main attractions on this part of this road trip in Spain.